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The WEF World E-Commerce Forum  has its beginnings in the leadership institute of 1998 which focused on ecommerce and ebusiness principles.

The Pioneer members of the World e-Commerce Founding Executive Committee in 2000 were:

  • Michael Baker, Chairman, The Asia Oceana Electronic Marketplace Association
  • Graham Brown, Chairman, WAP Group
  • Prof Steve Burdon, TELCAM, University of Technology, Sydney – chairman of this year’s third annual meeting in Singapore (Oct 10th and 11th) and developer of the first MBA in e-commerce in the Asia Pacific region.   Formerly MD of British Telecom Asia Pacific and Telstra.
  • Neil Ellul, Chairman, The European E-Commerce Association
  • Pavel Erochkine – e-Commerce consultant to media and government, Russian Federation
  • Paula Hunter, President, The ASP Industry Consortium
  • George Mentz, CEO, Institute of Consultants in E-Commerce
  • (Name to beannounced) Middle East E-Commerce Association
  • Pat Pheelan, Chairman, International Society of Professionals in E-Commerce (iSPEC)
  • Jernej Sekolec, Secretary, United Nations Committee for International Trade Law
  • Arthur Wilson, Director, E-Centre, College of TAFE (Technology and Further Engineering) Perth, Western Australia. The college of TAFE will be building and sustaining the Forum website as an ongoing student project under Arthur’s directorship.


* The New Board is Listed in the Menu.  These names are the original or Pioneers in e-business and cyber currency.

The focus of the IOQM is as an accreditation body which recognizes personal qualifications and skills in e-business obtained from accredited courses, accredited program exams, ISO 29990 accredited programs, and accredited college education programs.



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