About WEF

The World E-Commerce Forum International Organization for e-Commerce and e-Business that has its beginnings in the leadership institute of 1996 which focused on business principles.

The World E-Commerce Forum was originally prompted by the key inter-governmental organisations involved in e-commerce. These are the WTO, UN (Committee for International Trade Law), OECD and WIPO (World Intellectual Property Organisation). The objectives is to convey to global e-strategists the global e-policy issues which most directly affect them. Our teachings are further enhanced by presentation of leading edge e-strategy management techniques delivered by sponsors of high standing in the global e-commerce community.

Our founding meetings were held in London and opened by the UK e-Commerce Minister Patricia Hewitt MP. The meeting attracted several hundred delegates from as far afield as Europe, the USA, Asia Pacific and Russia. It was covered by global, regional and national media including CNN, BBC, Washington Post, Wall Street Journal, Australian Broadcasting, Israeli TV and national and e-trade media from the USA, Europe and the Asia Pacific region.

The World E-Commerce Forum Training has been recognized and certified by the IBS International Board of Standards for ISO Certified 29990 Training Standards globally for Learning Service Providers offering Qualifications and Charter Designations.